How Can I Walk the Abraham Path?

Walking the Abraham Path

December 02, 2022

How can I walk the Abraham Path?

Harran, Turkey (photo by David Landis)

Petra, Jordan
Sinai, Egypt
Wadi Al Mukallek, Palestine (photo by Frits Meyst)

Here at the Abraham Path Initiative (API), one of the most common questions we receive is “how to walk the Abraham Path.” While there isn’t one, single Abraham Path traversing Southwest Asia, we definitely understand where the question comes from and want to clear things up.

First, we need to explain what API actually is! API is a non-governmental organization based in the United States that develops, nurtures, and promotes walking trails and the culture of hospitality in Southwest Asia, commonly known as “the Middle East.”

Our work is inspired by the travels of the legendary Abraham (Ibrahim, in Arabic and Turkish, Braham in Kurdish), who is believed to have walked through Mesopotamia and the Eastern Mediterranean, sharing hospitality and showing kindness to strangers. These traditions hold strong in the region. API uses the power of storytelling to advance our mission, not only on-the-ground, but also through our digital programming.

Since 2007, API has worked in distinct Southwest Asian geographies, catalyzing 2,000 kilometers of trail in Jordan, Palestine, Sinai, and Turkey with the people that live there. We invested time, talent, and funding to develop trails, and train guides and homestay hosts that welcome your visit. In each country you’ll find trails unique to its landscape, flora, fauna, and culture; the trails are maintained and managed long-term by local associations and NGOs. Results show economic benefits among local residents and transformative experiences for international walkers.

Trails cultivated by API are used by people from the region and around the globe for: 

-Walking and Sustainable Tourism 

-Educational Opportunities

-Voluntourism (community service opportunities)

-Negotiation, leadership, and other training programs

Currently we are working with partners to develop the Zagros Mountain Trail in Iraqi Kurdistan. The trail is a work-in-progress, but walks along parts of the path are underway. Contact to register for a “weekly walk.” 

Details on regional trails/paths (listed alphabetically by geography) can be found through the links below. Please note: The Lebanon Mountain Trail developed independently of API involvement.

-Iraqi Kurdistan:  Zagros Mountain Trail: (~215 km)

-Jordan: Jordan Trail (~675km)

-Lebanon: Lebanon Mountain Trail (~470km) 

-Palestine: Palestinian Heritage Trail (~500km) 

-Sinai (Egypt): Sinai Trail (~550 km)

-Turkey: Lycian Way (~540km)

Between Dargala and Rezan, Iraqi Kurdistan (photo by Ben Barrows)