The Sinai Trail

The Sinai Trail

API is proud to have supported the creation of the Sinai Trail. The routes, managed by Bedouin Tribes, help preserve long-overlooked natural wonders and have been recognized by both Wanderlust and Outdoors magazines as one of the world’s best new trails.

-550km of trails

-A group of eight Bedouin tribes that guide guests through their journey

-Beautiful oases including Moiyet el Mileihis

-Mount Sinai and Jebel Katherina
, Egypt’s highest mountain 

-Belgian artist Jean Verame’s Blue Desert art installation

-The prehistoric Nawamis tombs

Photo by Evan Bryant

Our investment of expertise and training in the eastern Sinai Peninsula brought three Bedouin tribes together to create a 225 km trail connecting their territories. In 2018, they saw a 66% rise in the number of Bedouin guides (from 16 to 24), while the number of Bedouin workers along the trail grew from 34 to 42. 

Walkers on the trail increased from 88 in 2017 to nearly 400 in 2018. From that place of strength, the three tribes, in a unified effort, invited five additional tribes to work with them. Together, the eight tribes doubled the length of the Sinai Trail. API’s investment in the Sinai was underwritten by grants from the Flora Family Foundation.

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