The Palestinian Heritage Trail

The Palestinian Heritage Trail

The Palestinian Heritage Trail is an exploration of Palestine’s historical and archeological sites, landscapes, awe-inspiring views, and places of deep spiritual meaning. Running from the olive groves near Rummanah in the north to the desert scenery near Beit Mirsim, south of Hebron, you’ll feel the warm culture of hospitality, experience Palestinian traditional food, and learn about local customs and traditions during overnight homestays along the path.

API began catalyzing a walking trail in the Palestinian countryside in 2007. With investments of funding and expertise we worked with local stakeholders to begin mapping a walking route along the spine of the West Bank, along which many small towns would benefit from the arrival of walking tourists. 

Key support for our vision came in 2014, when API won a major grant from the World Bank. We could now invest $3.324 million in the development ofthe trail. Over the course of five years, we also developed dozens of homestay opportunities with families in villages along the route, and certified scores of walking and trekking guides.  By 2018, the trail was 330 km long. 

The trail eventually became the Palestinian Heritage Trail and is managed and maintained of by a local organization of the same name.

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