The Jordan Trail

The Jordan Trail

API is proud to have supported the creation of the Jordan Trail, and its network of 675 kilometers of trails. The route traverses north to south through Jordan’s dramatic landscapes from Roman Ruins, the high cliffs of the Jordan Rift Valley, Petra’s famous Treasury and Monastery, all the way to the Red Sea. A network of over 50 villages and towns offer a vibrant community of homestays. 

Photo by Julian Bender

In 2007, API connected with the mayors of small communities in the Ajloun region, where pomegranate and olive trees dot the hillsides and rivers rush, seasonally full. Slowly, a walking trail emerged and with it came walkers, homestays and guides. In 2015, the Jordan Trail Association was established.

API provided several small grants, mapmaking expertise, and trail scouting support to the nascent JTA. Subsequently, the Jordan Trail has grown to stretch from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south – 675 kilometers. Jordanian tour operators make it easy for domestic and international walkers to enjoy these spectacular landscapes and their welcoming people. We recommend walking in the Spring and Fall.

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Hiking, Homestays, and Camping with Eisa Dweekat
Photo by Sumaya Agha
Photo by David Landis
Photo by Matt Harms