Walking in Southwest Asia: Turkey

Walk in Turkey with Ömer Tanik

July 01, 2023

Walking in Southwest Asia: Turkey

Abraham's Path Turkey -- Sogmatar, Suayib, Harran (Photo by Jodi Hilton)

Turkey was the starting place for API’s 2006 exploratory walk, so it’s only fair that it be the starting place for our blog posts featuring People from the Path! 

Over the course of five years (2007-2012), 170km of trail were mapped/waymarked, guides were trained, and homestays were established in both Arab and Kurdish communities. Development of the path in Turkey was suspended due to the Syrian Civil War, but our partners in Turkey continue to bring international visitors to the area. 

One of these partners is Ömer Tanik, a guide and the owner of a travel agency (as well as a chef!), based in Şanliurfa, Turkey. Ömer invites visitors from around the globe to experience the renowned hospitality of Şanliurfa. For more about Ömer and the beauty of Turkey, check out his first digital postcard from 2020 and his most recent from May 2023

Note: In February 2023, the Abraham Path Initiative launched a campaign aimed at providing emergency assistance to friends and colleagues like Ömer, who were impacted by the earthquakes in Southeast Turkey and Syria. Thanks to donor generosity, partners in Turkey purchased shelter-containers, food, and firewood.

Today, API's focus is on long-term development goals after the earthquakes. Click here to help rehabilitate Abraham's Path Turkey.