Walking in Southwest Asia: Palestine

Walk in Palestine with friends from the Path

July 15, 2023

Walking in Southwest Asia: Palestine

Walking near Nablus (Photo by Fritz Meyst)

After receiving a $3.324mil grant from the World Bank Group in 2018, API embarked on a five year project to complete a 330km walking trail in Palestine. In addition to developing the physical trail, initially called Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil, we developed homestay opportunities in villages/towns along the trail and certified dozens of walking guides. In 2020 the trail was renamed the Palestinian Heritage Trail, which now stretches 500km from Rummana (Jenin) to Beit Mirsim (Hebron), then doubling back to Artas (Bethlehem). 

Over the years we befriended local guides, homestay hosts, and adventurers the length of Palestine - from Jenin in the north to Hebron in the south and in-between. Check out our digital postcard series (below) to meet a few of the people we’ve met along the Path!

Hassan Muamer (Bethlehem)

Woroud Sharabati (Hebron)

Mardawi Family (Jenin)

Zaid Azhari (Nablus)