The First Ever Thru-Hike of the Zagros Mountain Trail

Zagros Mountain Trail Thru-Hike

May 01, 2022

The Zagros Mountain Trail Thru-Hike

We are thrilled to share that our trail development team has started the first ever thru-hike of the Zagros Mountain Trail across Iraqi Kurdistan!

Over the coming two weeks the dream team of @leonmccarron @lawin_mohammad_fares @iam.mru @stella_martany @emilygarthwaite @ben_barrows @dplandis will walk the 220km of trail from Akre to Choman, seeing many beautiful views of the incredible landscape, and enjoying the cultural heritage and wonderful hospitality of the Kurds.

Along the way we will be guided by many outstanding local day stage guides, including @anwar.safti and Omer of @vikurdistan

Follow @abrahampath and @zagros.mountaintrail for pictures and updates!