Our Mission is to inspire people worldwide through stories, walking, and hospitality along the ancient path of Abraham

Our vision is to help build a world that has moved beyond fear and hostility to hope and hospitality.

“No matter what divides us, we saw that what unites us is far greater. That’s the meaning of the Abraham Path.”

— William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation and Founder of the Abraham Path

“While many in the world are building walls, API is building paths.  They are building pathways of hope.” 

— Stephen Heintz, President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

The Abraham Path Initiative invests in projects that shed light on the kindness and hospitality of the people in the Middle East by supporting trail development, storytelling, job creation, and experiential tourism.

Abraham Path Fellows are storytellers who share valuable insights into cultures and individuals across the Middle East

Mosaic Stories

Stephanie Saldaña writes about refugees at Mosaic Stories, a blog that aims to collect and protect intangible cultural heritage in the Middle East through research, storytelling, and education. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, and she is writing a book about her experiences.

Walk the Masar

Leon McCarron is a Northern Irish adventurer and storyteller who specialises in long distance, human-powered expeditions. His latest book – The Land Beyond – about walking from Jerusalem to Mount Sinai is out now!

Join us for an Abraham Path Experience, where natural beauty and personal connections are both on the itinerary. Be inspired by the new understanding you gain from this unique mode of travel. Contact us at experience@abrahampath.org for more information.

Community Based Tourism in Palestine

Discover Palestinian culture and interact with the locals in villages and communities along the Masar Ibrahim al Khalil.

Explore the Sinai Desert along Bedouin Routes

Explore the natural wonders of the Sinai and learn from the vibrant Bedouin culture that brings ancient wisdom and skills to bear in the 21st century.

Help the Abraham Path Initiative showcase the hospitality of the Middle East, and share stories of peoples and cultures of the region.

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Help support storytellers bring valuable perspectives on the region to a wider audience.

Support local hiking trails

The best way to gain understanding of a place is to walk in it. Walking affords time to interact with your surroundings and time to contemplate the things you learn. There is a growing trend of local hiking trails in the region, help us support their development.