Tour Operators and Guides

Tour Operators

The Abraham Path Initiative partners closely with communities along the trail to provide services for walkers and travelers.

The Abraham Path Initiative is not a tour operator and does not run any tours. Instead, to encourage maximum local impact on the path, we refer travelers to a list of carefully selected local tour operators. Selected operators are referred to as Abraham Path tour operators and can use the logo by the same name.

The Abraham Path Initiative does not exclusively “license” regions of the path to single operators; in many regions, in fact, a number of Abraham Path tour operators are available. Companies/organizations that would like to be referenced in this online guidebook are welcome to contact us.

Most local tour operators offer a number of different Abraham Path packages tailored to fit different interests and lengths of trips. Feel free to browse through these packages and to select the one that best fits your specific plans. In the case that no pre-existing package covers everything that interests you, don’t hesitate to contact the local tour operators! They will be glad to work with you to craft a trip perfectly suited to you.


The local tour providers that we recommend to travelers work with a network of local guides that has been established along many sections of the Abraham Path. These individuals range in experience, training, and skills. Together with local partners, the Abraham Path Initiative is investing in programs to further train and equip these local guides to offer the highest level of services possible. Previous training offerings supported by the Abraham Path Initiative and its local partners have included Wilderness First Aid, outdoor leadership skills, and official government licensing.

We highly recommend walking on the Abraham Path with a local guide for maximum contact with local communities and understanding of their culture and customs. These guides are generally local community members who are intimately familiar with both the trail itself and the area’s history, nature, culture, and folklore. Some of these guides have received formal training only from the workshops and skills trainings offered by the Abraham Path and its local partners. In some regions of the path, though, guides also have the opportunity to receive an official tour guide license, usually going through an intensive education in the history, flora, and fauna of their country or region.

Weekly Walks

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