Abraham Path Phrasebooks

You’ll never be at a loss for words

As a traveler walking through the diverse regions of the Abraham Path, you will likely hear a number of different languages being spoken. While it may not be realistic to try to master all Middle Eastern languages entirely before setting out on your journey, we strongly advise investing the time necessary to learn at least a few words and phrases in the languages relevant to your specific travel plans. Even if you struggle to remember these words or to pronounce them correctly, don’t be shy in using them! You will be amazed at the warm response you receive from native speakers – any attempt on your part to communicate in the local languages clearly demonstrates your respect for the local communities and interest in their lives and cultures.

Below are some sample words and phrases that may be worth learning. Feel free to flip through the languages and to start studying. Also on this page are links to downloads of a few phrasebooks that you can print and carry with you. These phrasebooks are much more in-depth than the sample charts here and offer a more varied vocabulary.

Hello Merhaba
How are you? Tû çawa yî?
I’m fine, thanks Sıpas, ez başım
What’s your name? Navê te çî ye?
Yes / No Erê / na
Please / thank you Jî kerema xwe / sıpas
How much? Çûqasa
Where? Lı qûderê?
Where are you from? Tû jı qûderêyi?
Hungry Bırçi
Thirsty Tibum
Delicious Xweş
Water Af
Tea / coffee Çay / kahve
Map Kharita
Where is the path? Rê lı quderêyı?
Dangerous Taluqe
Goodbye Oğırbı
Good travels Re î te wekiri be
Hello Merhaba
How are you? Nasılsın?
I’m fine, thanks iyiyim, teşekkürler
What’s your name? Adın ne?
Yes / No Evet / hayır
Please / thank you Lütfen / teşekkür ederim
How much? Ne kadar?
Where? Nerede?
Where are you from? Nerelisin?
Thirsty Susadım
Delicious Lezzetli
Water Su
Tea / coffee Çay / kahve
Map Harita
Where is the path? Yolu nerede?
Dangerous Tehlikeli
Goodbye Güle güle
Good travels iyi yolculuklar
Hello Marhaba
How are you? Kifak? (m) / Kifik? (f)
I’m fine, thanks Mnih (m) / mniha (f), shukran
What’s your name? Shu ismak (m) / ismik (f)?
Yes / No N’am (formal, ah (informal) / la
Please / thank you Lau samaht (m), lau samahti (f) / shukran
How much? Eddesh?
Where? Wen?
Where are you from? Enta (m)/enti (f) min wen?
Hungry Juw’an
Thirsty Atshan
Delicious Zaki
Water Mayi
Tea / coffee Shay/qahwa
Map Kharita
Where is the path? Wen ettariq?
Dangerous Khatar
Goodbye Ma’salame
Good travels Safra saida
Hello Shalom
How are you? Mah nishma?
I’m fine, thanks Ani beseder, toda
What’s your name? Ekh korim lekha (m) / lakh (f)?
Yes / No Ken / lo
Please / thank you Bevakasha / toda
How much? Kama?
Where? Eyfo?
Where are you from?? M’eyfo atah (m) / at (f)?
Hungry Ra’ev (m) / re’eva (f)
Thirsty Tzame (m) / Tzme’a (f)
Delicious Ta’im
Water Ma’im
Tea / coffee Teh / Kaffe
Map Mapa
Where is the path? Eyfo ha shvil?
Dangerous Mesukan
Goodbye Lehitra’ot
Good travels Nesi’a tova