• Roman Bridge

    Cross a well-preserved Roman bridge over a river close to Mt. Nemrut.

A short distance from Arsemia, a remarkable piece of Roman engineering straddles the Cendere River.  The Severan Bridge was built at the end of the second century CE in honor of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus.  At the time of its construction, the Roman Empire had fully absorbed the local kingdom of Commagene, now renowned for its production of the monuments at nearby Mt. Nemrut and Arsemia.  In its quest for expansion, the empire had moved on to war against the Parthian Kingdom in the east.

The bridge was built in the aftermath of a Roman territorial victory.  Originally constructed as a major part of the route up to Mt. Nemrut’s summit, the bridge was large by Roman standards – 120 meters long.  Today, visitors can still observe its arched style, a trademark of Roman engineering and a now-famous weight-bearing technique that the empire pioneered throughout the Mediterranean world.

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View the carvings and delve into the underground tunnels of a castle of the long-lost Commagene kingdom

Euphrates River

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Mt. Nemrut

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