A journey through the Nebo Region is one of immense diversity in every way. Beginning in rolling, agricultural countryside, travelers will find themselves in a constant state of transition, slowly passing into warmer, more desertous landscapes and climate. Small villages dot the landscape and provide opportunities to interact with the regions’ welcoming people, who are perhaps as diverse as the terrain across which they are scattered. The sites of interest in the Nebo Region also vary in nature – from the country’s first microbrewery in Fuheis to Mt. Nebo itself, the legendary site of Moses’s death.

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Sites in the Nebo Region:

King Talal Dam

This dam across the country’s second-largest river is a valuable source of irrigation and renewable energy throughout the region.

Carakale brewery

Enjoy a local beer at the site of Jordan’s first microbrewery.

Iraq al-Amir

Amidst a variety of mysterious historical ruins, take in an impressive demonstration of local craftsmanship and handiwork.

Dead Sea Canyons

Plunge down one of the many stunning canyons cut deep into the countryside surrounding the Dead Sea, passing everything from waterfalls to small farms and eventually arriving at the lowest point on Earth.


Not to be confused with pepper’s common counterpart, this intriguing city is home to a number of layers of sacred and secular history and legend.

Mt. Nebo

Summit the famed mountain on which Moses is said to have died and take in the views of the surrounding region.