A cluster of lush green palms in a deep, sandy basin, Ein Hudera is a beautiful example of a classic desert oasis. The oasis was once a key watering place for caravans traveling between Jerusalem and Mt. Sinai, and it remains an important stopping point on trails through the region today.

Early explorers in the region suggested that this oasis may be the site of Hazeroth, where biblical accounts relate that Moses and the Israelites stopped for a time during their forty years of wandering in the Sinai. Old Bedouin legends also attach special significance to this site: according to local tales, a secret passage leads from Ein Hudera to a city at the center of the earth.

The oasis stands in the heart of the Muzeina tribe’s territory, and a number of families live there. Each of these families has a small plot of land within the oasis. They use their property in Ein Hudera much as their ancestors did for centuries before them: they cultivate dates, olives, and zizyphus fruit and offer simple accommodations to travelers passing through.

Ein Hudera is the perfect place to break for a day. Natural wonders like the Closed Canyon – a winding chasm between high sandstone walls – and the White Canyon – a deep crack with white, powdery sand – are only a short walk away. It’s also a launching point for adventures to little-climbed desert peaks like Mt. Rum and better-known ones like Mt. Berqa. Despite its remote, secluded feel, the oasis is only a 45-minute walk from the main road between St. Katherine, Nuweiba, and Dahab.

Along the Abraham Path in the:

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Sites in the Mt. Sinai Region:

Ancient Leopard Traps

See the old leopard traps of the Sinai: on windswept mountain passes, hunters used these to trap leopards until the great animals’ disappearance in the 1950s.

Blue Desert

Discover a desert mountain where the rocks are painted blue. One of the Sinai’s most surreal landscapes, it commemorates Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

Hajar al-Maktub

Examine a rock etched with graffiti by millennia of pilgrims as they passed between Jerusalem and the peak of Mount Sinai.

Mt. Katherina

Gaze out over the distant Red Sea from the peak of Egypt’s highest mountain, where legends claim that St. Catherine’s remains were found many centuries ago.

St. Katherine’s Monastery

Visit the Byzantine Monastery of St. Katherine, probably the oldest functioning Christian monastery in the world and certainly one of the most iconic.

Mt. Sinai

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Wander the little-trodden corners of one of the holiest mountain peaks in the world, discovering chapels, mosques, and other remnants of past centuries of veneration.

Nawamis Tombs

Nawamis Tombs2-thumbnail

Explore the Sinai’s prehistoric nawamis tombs, burial chambers built by the early peoples of the peninsula with doorways facing the setting sun.

Orchards of St. Katherine

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Discover a unique part of Bedouin culture in the high mountain orchards of Saint Katherine – colorful islands of green in a rocky landscape of red mountains.