The Homs Region

A journey through the Homs Region is characterized by sweeping coastal views, awe-inspiring castles, and magnificent ancient sites. Snaking inward from the sea toward Homs, the route would run through areas that were once defined by their strategic, port-side locations and their subsequent connections to international trade. As a result, the historical records kept in the region were extensive; and together with ledgers documenting overseas transactions, these records offer many glimpses of the religious and cultural practices that developed in the Homs Region.

Incidentally, this would later become the approximate route traveled by pilgrims and explorers coming from the West in search of adventure or spiritual discovery. Travel logs from the past centuries are peppered with accounts of the Homs Region’s sights and landscapes. The layers of history that have settled on top of one another in the region captivated a generation of travelers, and they prove the Homs Region’s vital place along the Abraham Path.