Gan haShlosha National Park, otherwise known as Sachne (the Arabic word for hot), is formed around the Amal Stream, a flow of naturally warm water emanating from a thermal spring at the park’s western edge.  The stream has been widened into a number of pools, swimming holes, and cascades that remain a comfortable 28˚C (82˚F) all year long.  Surrounded by palm trees and grassy picnic areas, the site was named by Time magazine as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful parks.

The grounds also house a functional water-powered mill and the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology, which displays a broad range of artifacts from excavations in the region.

Adjacent to Gan haShlosha is Gan Garoo, a small park developed by a number of successive Australian ambassadors in Israel and featuring a variety of Australian animals – kangaroos, koalas, and more.

Sites in the Gilboa Region:

Mt. Gilboa

Wind your way up a commanding chain of mountains for sweeping panoramas of the surrounding valleys, a diverse array of unique plant life, and a glimpse of the epic setting for an ancient battle.

Beit Alfa

In a small kibbutz at the foot of the towering Mount Gilboa, discover the remains of an ancient synagogue and spend some time examining the fascinating religious artwork preserved inside.

Beit She’an

Stroll down a colonnaded street through the ruins of one of this region’s oldest cities, pausing to take in the traces left by over 6,000 years of diverse civilizations.