Situated above the expansive Wadi Araba, Wadi Dana affords visitors spectacular views of the landscape to the west as it gradually descends toward the Dead Sea. Atop this wadi sits the long-established and quaint village of Dana, set in a locale with deep historical roots that can transport the visitor back to an earlier time. While the modern village itself is only 500 years old, this region has a history of inhabitation stretching back almost 6,000 years. Let its hospitable residents unlock the secrets of high desert living for you as they teach you their age-old ways of life.

Directly connected to the village is the Dana Biosphere Reserve, the largest nature reserve in the country. Exploring this immensely beautiful park is the primary objective of most visitors to Dana; lovers of nature and history alike will find a wealth of both while meandering through the incredible limestone, sandstone and granite rock formations. Captivating geology isn’t the only thing drawing people here year-round. Dana is the only Jordanian nature reserve that includes all four of the country’s biogeographical zones. Because of this diversity, the park boasts over 700 plant species, more than 200 kinds of birds, and almost 40 kinds of mammals. Keep your eyes peeled for the endangered Nubian ibex, the Syrian Serin, blue lizards, and other incredible wildlife that call this place home. Walking in winter or early spring will offer hikers the opportunity to see the full array of flora the region has to offer.

Sites in the Dana Region:


Nestled in the midst of the majestic Dana Nature Reserve, Wadi Feynan’s archaeological remains tell the secrets of neolithic peoples who began a long history of copper mining in the region.  The ruins and the official archaeological site are a must-see on your way south toward Petra.

Little Petra

An afternoon spent in this isolated and ancient suburb of Petra offers many opportunities to experience Nabataean history without the crowds.  Those willing to make the trek will be rewarded with a glimpse of rare Nabataean artwork.


Let the ornate facades of this ancient Nabatean capital captivate your gaze as you wander its worn paths. Breathtaking cave dwellings, the infamous treasury, and a grand palace will transport you to another time when this site was a bustling center of trade and commerce.