Located on the far eastern edge of the southern Arava Desert, the Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve offers visitors a truly unique encounter with desert wildlife.  The 3,000-acre reserve serves as a breeding and reacclimation center for desert species that now face endangerment or local extinction, especially focusing on those animals mentioned in the Bible.  Among the species inhabiting the reserve are varieties of oryx, ibex, ostriches, and griffon vultures.  The site contains a number of the desert habitats that make up these creatures’ natural environments – groves of acacia trees, salt flats, and stretches of sand.  The grounds have been divided into three areas: an open area for roaming desert herbivores; a predator center in which large predators, reptiles, and smaller animals are kept in more enclosed areas; and a dark room for nocturnal creatures.

Visitors can tour the open areas of the reserve by car.  Educational CDs meant to help direct the tour are available at the shop; alternatively, guests can elect to hire a trained guide to accompany them as they drive through the reserve.  The predator center and dark room can be visited on foot.

Along the Abraham Path in the:



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Explore the geological wonders scattered across this rugged, desertous valley that has long been mined for its abundant natural resources and is often associated with the fabled riches of the biblical King Solomon.

Tiger Temple

Wish for a bird’s lofty perspective as you puzzle out the rocky images scattered across the desert floor, a testament to the religious practices of some ancient civilization.