Physically demanding and environmentally challenging, the trek through the Arava Region contains some of the most stunning scenery and breathtaking adventure along the path. Tall, narrow slot canyons offer scrambles up ropes and ladders to the top; jagged mountain ranges vary in color from sandy white to deep red to black granite; and, at the end of the route, the legendary Red Sea stretches forth, offering rest and refreshment after several days’ grueling journey.

The region is also replete with historical significance. The path crosses ancient Egyptian copper mines at Timna, mysterious temples from unknown civilizations near Shaharut, and remnants of old spice trade routes at Moa.

The vast expanses of open desert and rugged terrain that comprise the Arava Region present trekkers with a wilderness experience like no other.

Owing to the lack of inhabited places in this region, trekkers will likely need to cache water supplies at the designated night camps at some stage ends. See individual stage pages for information on access to the these camps, and make your logistical plans carefully, to make sure you’ll always have enough water!

Sites in the Arava Region:


Explore the geological wonders scattered across this rugged, desertous valley that has long been mined for its abundant natural resources and is often associated with the fabled riches of the biblical King Solomon.

Tiger Temple

Wish for a bird’s lofty perspective as you puzzle out the rocky images scattered across the desert floor, a testament to the religious practices of some ancient civilization.

Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Take a break from walking through the desert and embark on a different type of journey – a safari through grounds inhabited by dozens of species of biblical wildlife.