The Aleppo Region

There is perhaps no region that so well represents the theme of Abrahamic hospitality as the Aleppo Region. Indeed, the region’s very name is derived from a local legend surrounding Abraham’s generosity toward strangers: Aleppo comes from the Arabic word for milk. According to a popular local story, Abraham paused on the hills of Aleppo to milk his herds while passing through; he then proceeded to pass out the milk to the poor and needy.

The Aleppo Region, once a bustling thoroughfare along a number of longer trade routes, is home to countless languages, legends, and archaeological remains originating in a variety of time periods. The records discovered in some of the Aleppo Region’s ancient trade cities have proven key to historians’ understanding of the surrounding region’s past, and the diversity of notable sites speaks to the significance the region held for the lengthy procession of civilizations and cultures that inhabited it throughout time.