Fundraise for the Path

If you believe in our project, tell your friends and family about us and fundraise on behalf of the path. There are many creative ways that you can show your support:

  • donate your next birthday (birthday form below)
  • walk, run, or bike a race in support of the path (race form below)
  • get your school/community/place of worship to pledge their support
  • have Abraham Path donations as wedding favors
  • host Middle Eastern-themed movie night or bakesale
  • when the holidays role around, you could ask for donations instead of more ‘stuff’
  • and if you are planning a trip to the path- why not get sponsors to donate for each step or each kilometer you will walk?

“We decided to pledge the proceeds of our run to the Abraham Path after a humbling and deeply moving visit to one of their projects in Eastern Turkey. The sunny dispositions of the villagers that we met, in the face of adversity, was truly inspirational.”
– Joanne Jones and Laura Kardasinski, Istanbul

If you’d like to fundraise for the Abraham Path- let us know!

Donate Your Birthday Form

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Race Form

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