Wilderness First Aid Training for Local Guides

Casual observers in the West Bank town of Beit Sahour may have recently been surprised to see a group of locals out in the hot sun carrying each other on tarps, bandaging fake wounds, using found materials to splint joints, and setting up improvised shelters. This fall the Abraham Path Initiative lead a 3-day Wilderness First Aid Training for Palestinian guides co-organized with local partners Masar Ibrahim, Siraj Center, PWLS, and Rozana. This course was the first of its kind in the Middle East, with 16 local guides and escorts from all over the West Bank receiving certification.

Wilderness First Aid Training Participants

The Abraham Path Initiative is grateful to The SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine for generously sponsoring the instructor training for instructors David Landis and Anna Dintaman. The course was held at the Palestinian Wildlife Society (PWLS), where director Imad Atrash led a session on wildlife in Palestine. Participants practiced hands-on skills with a variety of scenarios from treating simple cuts to evacuating patients with suspected spinal injuries. The Palestine Red Crescent Society also lead a CPR training in Arabic. An additional session about outdoor leadership was included in the program, with an emphasis on leadership styles, risk management, and decision-making skills.

Thank you to our partners, sponsors and participants! We look forward to hosting more guide trainings with communities all along the Abraham Path!