Weekly Walks on a New Section of the Abraham Path

We are excited to announce a successful start to weekly walks between Jenin and Nablus! February 7 and 9 API local partner the Rozana Association led two well-received walks on the new section. Twenty-eight people from around the world participated in the walks.
Keeping in the tradition of Abraham, the route between Jenin to Nablus is developed around historical points of interest, including Canaanite sites from the period Abraham spent in the region. At the beginning of the route walkers enjoyed hiking up the green Canaanite Tel Ta’anaek filled with almond blossoms, red poppies, and cyclamen in bloom. A group toured the Burqin Church, considered the third-oldest church in the world, and enjoyed a home-cooked lunch in an Ottoman era house in Araba. The weekly walks are a great opportunity to experience the landscape, history, and culture of the region.
This weekend walkers will continue to appreciate the sites, including the panoramic view from Jebal Hureish, featuring Mt. Hermon on a clear day, and Roman ruins in the beautiful village of Sebastiya. As is tradition with weekly walks, participating walkers will enjoy an afternoon lunch hosted by a local family or women’s association along the path.

Thanks to a generous grant from the USAID Compete project we are able to provide complimentary transportation and a local trail guide for each walk.

Walks between Jenin and Nablus will continue through March 9th. For the complete schedule and more information about walks on the Abraham Path, visit our weekly walks calendar.