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Donate to help the Abraham Path reach more communities in 2015. A generous sponsor is matching donations until December 31st, so your gift makes twice the difference this year.

Your investment in the path connects people and communities.  

This week a family proudly welcomed walkers into their home and shared a meal they prepared. A child met a traveler and wondered about the world outside her community.

This month our local partners hosted a Photography Exhibition at Bethlehem University, displaying the students’ unique perspective on the path.

Photo Credit: Beata Andonia/API

This year the Abraham Path added its 1,000th kilometer, connecting over 100 communities in 15 regions. Each step is an opportunity for discovery and dialogue, connecting people and their stories. A recent piece by National Geographic captures this as Paul Salopek recounts his experiences along the Abraham Path. 

These moments on the path are only possible thanks to your support. 

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