Springtime Walkers and Runners

Gulf for Good Walkers

An international group of change-makers took to the Abraham Path this month for a 9-day walking trip. Our local partners of the Masar Ibrahim al Khalil took them hiking through remote highlands, wadis and deserts where they discovered ancient communities, bronze age ruins, Muslim shrines, cliffside monasteries, and even Palestine’s own microbrewery along the way. They stayed with Abraham Path family homestays and even in a Bedouin camp under the stars as they made their way, village by village, from Nablus to Bethlehem.

This group was just one of many who have been walking the Abraham Path this spring. Start planning your trip and check out the autumn weekly walk schedule for day trips and the schedules for 4-day trips in the northern West Bank and southern West Bank (there are even schedules for next spring!) See the Gulf for Good group’s full itinerary here for some extra inspiration!

I had a fantastic experience. Thank you! I had expected a trek but it was a life changing experience. I learnt a lot.” – Arabella Zane Anani, Abraham Path traveler 

womenrunnersWomen Inspired to Run for the Abraham Path

Joanne Jones and Laura Kardasinski are two travelers inspired by their trip to the Urfa region to run a half marathon on June 23 in Istanbul to support the development of the Abraham Path.
“We decided to pledge the proceeds to Abraham Path after a humbling and deeply moving visit to one of their projects in Eastern Turkey.  The sunny dispositions of the villagers that we met, in the face of adversity, was truly inspirational.”