Providing opportunities for Syrian Refugees

In early March 2015, a group of 15 children – a mix of Jordanians and Syrian refugees – waymarked a section of the Abraham Path in the Ajloun Region of northern Jordan between Um Qais and the Wadi al-Arab Reservoir. The event was organized by local Abraham Path partner and guide Eisa Dweekat in coordination with Mercy Corps in an effort to offer fun and unique activities to the Syrian refugees living in the region. According to Eisa, “The children really enjoyed it and had a good time. They were good walkers and very helpful! I hope we can do more of these events in the future.”


The cooperation between the Abraham Path Initiative and Mercy Corps is a powerful example of how the path can serve as a platform for engaging many different communities. Conflict impacts children and adolescents greatly, and can lead to stress and emotional shocks. Providing opportunities for community engagement and economic opportunity are crucial to empowering them to make good choices. The Abraham Path presents a locally led, sustainable engagement opportunity for these young people to invest in creating a positive change amidst incredibly difficult circumstances.