Painting Landscapes along the Abraham Path (gallery)

Last month, art students from Bethlehem visited the Bedouin community of Reshayda in order to paint landscapes from key spots along the Abraham Path. It was a diverse group, with participants  from bigger cities as well as smaller villages and in a lot of cases it was their first opportunity to spend time in nature and interact with the local Bedouin community. “It was the first time I went to the desert. I didn’t imagine that I would like it so much. I learned so much about the Bedouin culture and I had a chance to compare it with ours. My artwork is about two children I met there. Thanks to them, I discovered a new place and got to know people from my country who are living very close to us and yet according to us in an inaccessible place,” commented Manal Awwad from Beit Jala.

The completed paintings were displayed at an art exhibition at their school, The Dar Al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture, where the audience could appreciate the artwork as well as learn about students’ interactions with the local community and nature. The soaring views of the Dead Sea and the stories they heard clearly provided plenty of inspiration to create a wonderful exhibit. We have collected the paintings in this gallery, and we hope you enjoy the works.