Build the Path with Us This New Year

2012 has been a year of great success for the Abraham’s Path Initiative! As we enter 2013, we are more committed than ever to building the Path and connecting people across the Middle East and worldwide. Your support amplifies our efforts. Just this month:

  • 5.4 million viewers tuned in to view “Back to the Beginning” with Christiane Amanpour on ABC News on December 21st! The special featured a 9 minute segment on Abraham’s Path as an unprecedented initiative to break down barriers and foster communication in one of the most divided regions of the world. Please click here to view the video on Abraham and the Path featuring our colleagues and friends David and Anna Landis, and Avner Goren
  • Mid-December also saw the largest international group ever to walk the Path in the Urfa/Harran region! Walkers visited the ancient archaeological sites of Gobekli Tepe, Sogmatar, and Harran as well as the pilgrimage sites of Abraham’s birth cave, the sacred fish pond marking the site where Abraham is said to have been thrown on a burning pyre by Nimrod, and the cave of Jethro/Shuayb. The group received outpourings of local hospitality as they shared home-cooked meals, evenings of music, and nights in homestays with families in villages along the way. 

Please join us now as we continue to remember, respect, and reconnect.