Entries by Abraham Path Initiative

How I Foolishly Agreed to Break a Wild Camel

Some hikers use “vehicle support” when traveling quickly along a long-distance trail — that is, a driver meets them at different points along the route and resupplies them with food, water, and other equipment, thus enabling them to travel lightly. On the Abraham Path in the Sinai, hikers do the same thing, but with camels […]


Photography Competition Held on the Abraham Path

Selection of competition entries: On October 25th, 2014, students of Al Najah University of Nablus hiked from Nebi Musa to Mar Saba in order to participate in a photography competition held along the Abraham Path. Organized by Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (MIAK), the activity took place thanks to a generous support of the World Bank State and Peacebuilding Fund. Masar […]

“We Are More than Brothers”

  “We have been friends since the day our mothers gave birth to us. We are more than brothers.” Habib and his cousin Anwar have spent their entire lives adventuring together; recently, many of those adventures have taken place along the Abraham Path. Both from the village of Duma, Habib and Anwar learned the trails […]


“I Would Like to Be Outstanding”

“I would like to be outstanding,” says Dina and then smiles. “There are not many female guides in this area.” Dina was the only woman who attended the Abraham Path’s training for the local guides organized by the Rozana Association in the village of Araba, located southwest of Jenin. Initially, she joined another workshop held […]