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Arcades in Ancient Cities

I’m terrible at killing zombies. I learned this fact, alongside the more conventional things you would expect – like the Hellenistic history of the hilltop ruins, or my host family’s plans to expand their guesthouse – while visiting the ancient village of Sebastia during a walk. I don’t remember too many specifics about those other […]

Answers to the Abraham Path Trivia Quiz

Last month we sent you a quick quiz that tests your knowledge about the Abraham Path. Now, we are happy to explain the answers! But first, we would like to thank all those who submitted responses, as well as the five winners who will each receive one of our new Abraham Path T-shirts. Be sure to keep an eye […]

Wilderness First Aid Training Helps Rescue Injured Hiker

The Abraham Path Initiative strives to play a supporting role to local stakeholders. By providing advice, as well as educational and logistical support, our hope is that locally-led efforts will help the path will grow to be an integral component of the region’s economic and cultural life. One way we accomplish this is by helping to […]

Theatre Brings Community Based Tourism to the Classroom

The Abraham Path’s success depends entirely on local investment. Therefore, much of the efforts to build sustainable infastructure for tourism along the path involve increasing awareness and understanding among local communities. This outreach can involve everything from simply building personal relationships to running skill-building workshops or programs in local schools. A great example of this […]

Guide Training at Bethlehem University

Guides are fundamental to a good experience on the Abraham Path. Although it is possible to hike many sections of the route independently, a guide’s ability to contextualize the experience and bridge differences of culture and language makes for a far richer experience and we recommend that most first-time hikers take a guide along for […]

Eight Questions with Daniel Baylis

We caught up with writer and adventurer Daniel Baylis just after he had spent two weeks this spring hiking the Abraham Path in the West Bank, known locally as the Masar Ibrahim. As one of the first walkers to take on the challenge of independently hiking a large section of the Masar Ibrahim, we were excited to hear about his […]

Leave No Trace

The Middle East is home to an incredible density of natural and historical attractions, as well as a fast-growing population shaped by a rich and ancient heritage. While these are the unique attributes that cause so many to come and experience the region, interact with the culture, and learn about its history, they also raise a host of environmental […]