Photography Competition Held on the Abraham Path

Selection of competition entries:

On October 25th, 2014, students of Al Najah University of Nablus hiked from Nebi Musa to Mar Saba in order to participate in a photography competition held along the Abraham Path. Organized by Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (MIAK), the activity took place thanks to a generous support of the World Bank State and Peacebuilding Fund.

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil aimed to introduce the students to the variety of climates they can enjoy in their country. “Today the students are going to have a desert walk. Normally, the northern part of Palestine [where they are from] is an evergreen area because of a large number of olive trees,” said George Rishmawi, MIAK’s Executive Director and one of the guides for that day.

Most of the people who took part in the competition were Journalism students with an interest in photography. MIAK hoped to connect the students’ interest with the joy of walking in nature. The combination was a great success. Mohanad Assaf, a student from Qufr Laqf, was quick to list the views as a favorite subject to photograph: “I really like to take pictures of nature. I think that this hike is amazing, I love the views, and I would like to thank Masar Ibrahim for taking us here.”


The winner of the competition, Wala Barham, took the first prize for a picture of Mar Saba at a distance. Photo Credit: Beata Andonia/API

The activity was concluded with an exhibition at Al Najah University on December 1st. The winner of the competition, Wala Barham, took the first prize for a picture of Mar Saba, one of the oldest continuously inhabited monasteries in the world. “I am more than happy. I didn’t expect that I will be the winner. I simply wished to enjoy the outdoors and my hobby – photography. I wish that we will be able to repeat this kind of a great experience and hike again on the Abraham Path.” The second-place winner, Ahmad Tamim, and the third-place winner, Mohammad Karaka, won two free hikes with Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil.